Art Show
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The 2019 Cold Blooded Creations Art Show is Aug 22-23 with set up on Aug.21.

The Cold Blooded Creations Art Show is held INSIDE the National Reptile Breeders' Expo - the

oldest and largest reptile industry show in the world. Inside the 100,000 square foot convention

space, you will have direct access to the thousands of visitors that the Expo attracts.

Admission to the Cold Blooded Creations Art Show is INCLUDED with the National Reptile Breeders'

Expo admission price.

The deadline to register for the Cold Blooded Art Show is July 20, 2020. A copy of the Artist Entry Form is coming soon.

Artist Participation Information

PLEASE carefully READ the information below.

Requirements for NEW Artist Participation:

All artwork MUST be reptile, amphibian, or invertebrate related, sorry no photography.

If you are not a returning artist, samples must be submitted to the jury (directions below). Jurying

is anonymous and based solely on the images submitted.

Email three (3) images of individual works to Fred Ryder at the email address shown below.

Images must be in jpg format or provide a website where images may be viewed. Please name the

images in this format with the name of the piece of art.

We would appreciate a 25 word or less description of your work which may be used for publicity.


Artists are not required to be present during the show, artwork can be shipped.

Artist I.D. badges may be picked up on Thursday during the vendor registration ice breaker at the Daytona Hilton or on Friday during vendor registration and setup at the Ocean Center.

If attending the art show,you may deliver your piece(s) to the Ocean Center on the Thursday or Friday

immediately prior to the show, before 4 pm.

Artwork will be shipped back to artist at NO COST to the artist in original packaging with same return

address presented.


Artists must have at least one original piece of artwork for display at the show. All reproductions,

whether framed or unframed, must be clearly and individually labeled "REPRODUCTION" or


Artist subject matter MUST be based on reptiles, amphibians, or invertebrates.

Artists' work should correspond to the images submitted for jury selection. The Art Director has the

right to exclude any artwork that does not fall within these guidelines.

Artwork must be in good taste and mindful of the show's intent and community's standards. Profanity,

obscenity, or objectionable material will not be accepted.

Artist pricing needs to reflect a 20% commission to organizers of the show.

Artists grant Cold Blooded Creations Art Show the right to use submitted images for publicity


Submission Return mail applications to: Return email applications to: Fred & Kay Ryder 101 Woodland Drive Haines City, FL 33844 For questions or comments call: 863-419-1961

Cold Blooded Art Show