© National Reptile Breeders’ Expo 2022




1. Admission is $20 per person. Children 6 yrs. and under are free. Credit and debit cards are NOT accepted

for registration.

2. All Boy/Girl Scouts in uniform can enter without charge on Sunday.

3. There is no charge for active Military in uniform.

4. Wristbands are your pass to the Expo for both days and should be worn on your wrist at all time.

They cannot be shared.

5. Baby strollers ARE NOW allowed in the Expo. Please exercise caution in the aisles and around vendor tables.

6. There is no smoking inside the Expo.

7. No live mammals or birds are allowed inside the Expo.

8. All animals must be kept in secure containers.

9. Animals taken out of the building cannot be returned.

10. Only exhibitors are permitted to bring animals into the Expo.

11. Some hotels do not accept reptiles. If you choose to ignore this, please be discreet and do not use

clear containers.

1. Only official exibitors are permitted to sell at the Expo.

2. One Exhibitor badge is included with each table purchased. One additional badge may be purchased

per table for $20. No table may have more than 2 badges assigned to it. All badges will have the

name of the person, not the company.

3. Each exhibitor is responsilbe for collecting 6.5% Florida sales tax. Send taxes collected to:

The Florida Department of Revenue, Carlton Building, Tallahassee, FL 32399.

4. Only captive-born animals can be sold at the Expo.

5. No venomous species are permitted, including rear fanged and no venomoid-altered animals are


6. No live mamals or birds are allowed inside the Expo.

7. Nothing is to be displayed or sold in hotels or parking lots.

8. All animals must be kept in secure containers.

9. Poison arrow frogs must be captive-born and displayed by the breeder to be sold at the Expo. No

middle-man or 3rd party sales.

10. Ivan Alfonso will be available at the Expo if health certificates are needed.

11. Exhibitors of live animals must comply with the permitting requirements of the Florida Fish and

Widllife Conservation Commission.

12. Display animals must be kept in the exhibit hall at all times. The Ocean Center staff will provide security from closing in the evening to opening in the morning. 13. Many hotels have rules against animals in rooms. If you choose to take reptiles to your hotel, please be discreet. Use boxes that are not clear and put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door. 14. The “National Reptile Breeders’ Expo” can ONLY appear on vendor-produced shirt sleeves or pockets in small letters. 15. No smoking in the Ocean Center. 16. No turtle under 4” will be sold as a pet, NO EXCEPTIONS! No turtle under 4” will be sold for scientific or educational purposes to anyone under 18 years of age. 17. REFUND POLICY: If the EXPO is canceled for any reason prior to being held, all vendor payments for tables will be refunded to them in total. If the EXPO is not canceled but a Vendor elects to cancel participation in the EXPO for any reason, all payments for their tables WILL NOT be refunded or carried over until the next EXPO. These payments will be treated as remuneration for the cost of all print and online advertising done on their behalf for the show. 18. No batteries may be use to power lights or equipment per facility electrical codes. Thank you for your cooperation. Violation of any rule will result in reprimand, suspension, arrest or banishment from future Expos.

Rules and Information